Deepen the connection between the unabridged gospel and your work with other Christians in your vocational field

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What does it look like practically for the unabridged gospel to shape your specific work?

You're not a pastor, "full-time missionary," or religious professional. You're a mere Christian who works as an entrepreneur, writer, photographer, landscaper, or coach. 

You love the work God has called you to do and you want to do it with excellence and in a distinctly Christ-like way. But it's hard to know what that looks like practically for your specific vocation.

  • If you work for yourself, you want to know how to manage the tension between trusting God and hustling to produce results in your business.
  • If you work from home, you want to know how your job matters for eternity when your opportunities to share the gospel are few and far between.
  • If you work as a manager, you want to know how you can extend mercy to your team without neglecting the call for excellence from your heavenly and earthly bosses.

These types of questions are where the rubber meets the proverbial road. But in my experience, it’s almost impossible to answer them without being connected to other Christ-followers who do similar work.

That’s why I created the Mere Christians Community: to help you deepen the connection between the gospel and your specific work alongside other Christians in your vocational field.

What You Get

I give members of the Mere Christians Community everything I think you need to apply the gospel to your work! Specifically...

Vocational Small Groups

A small group of people who share your vocation and commitment to Jesus. Your group will meet virtually twice a month to workshop workplace challenges, pray for each other, and discuss questions like "What is the work beneath your work? And how can the gospel free you from it?" and "What’s the most significant way that your work has changed as a result of following Jesus?"

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Office Hours

A monthly Zoom where you can ask me anything you want. Got a question about Redeeming Your Time or one of my other books? Curious about entrepreneurship, writing, or podcasting? Want an introduction to someone in my network? This is the place to ask! And each Office Hours call is recorded for you to access later on if you can’t attend live.

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Backstage Pass

On this hour-long Zoom, you can talk directly with some of the most impressive people you've heard on my podcast! Past guests include Mark Batterson, Cheryl Bachelder, and Graham Cochrane. On April 25, 2024, we’re hosting Tamika Catchings, former WNBA player and Olympian, arguably one of the greatest women's basketball players ever. Want to connect with Tamika and ask her something about building a strong team culture while playing sports at an elite level? Join the community now!


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Book Club

Each quarter, I send members of this community a summary of one of my all-time favorite books, along with my favorite highlights and biggest takeaways. Then we hop on Zoom to discuss the book together! This quarter, I’ve chosen Cal Newport's Slow Productivity: The Lost Art of Accomplishment Without Burnout. Want to discuss this book with Cal and me live? Join the community today!

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Daily Devotional

A daily version of my weekly devotional, The Word Before Work, delivered to you in book format and digitally where you can discuss each devotional with me and other mere Christians inside and outside of your vocational field.

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Local Meetups With Me and Your Fellow Mere Christians

Any time I travel for a speaking engagement, I try to host an in-person meetup exclusively for members of the Mere Christians Community! We already have a meetup planned in Atlanta on April 16. And we'll likely schedule more! Join the community now to get your invite to hang with me and your fellow mere Christians face-to-face.

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Private Slack Channel 

Immediately upon joining the community, you'll get access to our private Slack channel: a digital space where you can message members (including myself), share insights, ask questions, and collaborate.

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Early Access to My Books

Want access to my books long before the rest of the world reads them? Then the Mere Christians Community is the place for you! Only members of this community will get access to my next children's book, The Royal In You before it is released later this year!

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Access to the Mere Christians Community is just $35/month! And of course, you can cancel anytime.

But unfortunately, registration is currently closed. Join the waiting list to be notified when the doors open up again!

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Watch 3 top moments from the past 3 months in the community!

Curious about what you’re missing in the community? Watch these 3 highlights from our community-wide Zooms!

#1: Book Club with John Mark Comer

This past quarter, John Mark Comer joined us for a terrific discussion about his new book, Practicing the Way. Here’s a clip of John Mark talking about how to build authentic community in our fast-paced world.

Cal Newport will be joining us for our next Book Club to discuss his brand new book, Slow Productivity! Want access to that Zoom and my summary of the book? Join the Mere Christians Community today!


#2: Backstage Pass with Cheryl Bachelder

Cheryl Bachelder (fmr. CEO of Popeye's) joined us for our most recent Backstage Pass Zoom. Here’s a clip of Cheryl coaching a leader named Kaleigh on how to create a healthy culture on her team when she can't control the practices being modeled by upper leadership.

Up next on Backstage Pass? Tamika Catchings, one of the greatest women's basketball players of all time, and an amazing entrepreneur. Want access to our Zoom with Tamika? Join the Mere Christians Community now!


#3: Office Hours with yours truly

I love showing-up for these monthly Zooms where you get the chance to ask me absolutely anything that's on your heart! Over the past 3 months, I’ve weighed in on questions ranging from how to love a coworker who refuses to talk to you, to how to know if your identity is in your work rather than Christ. Here's a clip of one of my favorite questions from Linda, a CEO of a large non-profit, who asked me how I cultivate candor and other things I want to see in an organization’s culture.

Got something that you'd like to ask me on our next Office Hours call? Join the Mere Christians Community today!


Free Bonus: The Mere Christians Mixtape!

I've dug up 50+ of the best gems from the Mere Christians podcast that you'll want to listen to again and again.

One of the things I hate about podcasts is that I can’t easily “highlight” or clip the best content like I can in a book.

There are a lot of these gold nuggets buried in the Mere Christians podcast that I would love to listen to again. I’m willing to bet you feel the same way.

That’s why my team and I did the hard work of digging up these gems of content for you and releasing them in a new podcast we’re calling the Mere Christians Mixtape!

The Mere Christians Mixtape includes more than 50 of the best 2-5 minute clips of the Mere Christians podcast so that you can quickly and easily renew your mind with what God’s Word says about your work including:

  • Tim Keller (Fmr. Pastor) on why you are better positioned to make disciples than the missionary on your refrigerator
  • Tony Dungy (NFL Hall of Famer) on the freeing difference between impact and influence
  • Ruth Chou Simons (Artist) on rest as the silver bullet to effectiveness
  • Dr. Francis Collins (Fmr. Director of NIH) on loving your enemies at work
  • Aarti Sequeira (Food Network Host) on how even cooking can be worship

You can not find the Mere Christians Mixtape by searching for it. The only way to access the private podcast is by joining the Mere Christians Community before 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday!

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"I have been so blown away by the difference this community has made in my life!"

Hear what others are saying about their experience in the Mere Christians Community


Join the waiting list for the community!

Access to the Mere Christians Community is just $35/month! And of course, you can cancel anytime.

But unfortunately, registration is currently closed. Join the waiting list to be notified when the doors open up again!

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Questions & Answers

Groups meet every other Thursday. Take your pick from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. or 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. EST. Can't make a call? No worries! Every call is recorded for you to watch later on.

Yes! Everything that’s offered live in the community is also archived for you to watch later on, including Vocational Small Group meetings, Office Hours, Backstage Pass, and Book Club discussions.

Nothing! Here’s the deal: Nobody is going to have perfect attendance to a meeting that occurs twice a month. Your group will have grace with your absence just as I’m sure you’ll have grace with them!

Yes! If you want to join the community just for the Backstage Pass, Book Club, Daily Devotionals, Office Hour calls, and other resources, you are more than welcome to!

About Me

If you’re interested in this community, you likely already know quite a bit about me. But just in case, I’ve included my official, stiff, third-person bio below :)

Here’s me and my work in a nutshell:

Jordan Raynor is a leading voice of the faith and work movement. Through his bestselling books (The Creator in YouRedeeming Your TimeMaster of One, and Called to Create), the Mere Christians podcast, and his weekly devotionals, Jordan has helped millions of Christians in every country on earth connect the gospel to their work. 

In addition to his writing, Jordan serves as the Executive Chairman of Threshold 360, a venture-backed tech startup which Jordan previously ran as CEO following a string of successful ventures of his own. 

Jordan has twice been selected as a Google Fellow and served in The White House under President George W. Bush. A sixth-generation Floridian, Jordan lives in Tampa with his wife and their three young daughters. The Raynors are proud members of The Church at Odessa.


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