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About the Mere Christians podcast

The Show

How does the gospel influence the work of Mere Christians—those of us who aren’t pastors or religious professionals, but who work as entrepreneurs, baristas, and accountants? That’s the question my flagship podcast explores every week as I interview guests across the widest variety of vocations.

The Audience

Each episode of the Mere Christians podcast is emailed to 150,000 subscribers in every single country on earth. These are passionate followers of Jesus Christ who care deeply about doing their most exceptional work for the glory of God and the good of others.

The Guests

These aren’t the guests you’ll hear on every other podcast. We pride ourselves on highlighting people across a wide spectrum of fame, ethnicity, and vocational disciplines. You’ll hear from entrepreneurs, janitors, baristas, actresses, and astrophysicists.

Our Guests

Here are just a few of our past and upcoming guests on the Mere Christians podcast


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