I have 3 goals when I walk onto your stage.

  1. I want your phone to be blowing up during my keynote with texts from your boss, board, and attendees thanking you for bringing me to the event.
  2. I want your audience to describe my talk as the “most mind-blowing” and “most entertaining” on the agenda.
  3. I want to give your attendees something they can actually do the next day to more deeply integrate their faith and work in response to my talk.

By God’s grace alone, I have achieved these goals over and over again on stages much like yours. Now I want to go to work for you and your group.

But if you're interested in bringing me to your event, let's chat soon. I only do 20 speeches a year and my calendar is almost full for 2024!

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While no two speeches are exactly the same, these videos represent the core talks I am most frequently asked to deliver.

Redeeming Your Time

Christian or not, it’s pretty hard to dispute that Jesus was the most productive person to ever walk the earth. And because Jesus was 100% God and 100% man, we know that he faced the same 24 hour time constraint you and I face today. How did Jesus manage his time 2,000 years ago? And how can we manage our time like he might today? Those are the questions I answer in this supremely practical talk where attendees walk away with 7 practices they can implement immediately to redeem their time in the model of our Redeemer.


Half Truths About Heaven

Most people spend more time thinking about a week-long vacation than they do thinking about eternity. That’s a problem, because when we fail to think deeply about our final destination, it leads us to settle for half truths about heaven peddled by culture rather than the whole truths we find in Scripture. After replacing a few half-truths about heaven with whole-truths, your attendees will walk away from this talk with a whole lot more purpose in the present and hope for the future.


The Unabridged Gospel

The dominant version of “the gospel” we hear today is that “Jesus came to save us from our sins.” That statement is gloriously true. But it is tragically incomplete. And the stakes of this “abridged gospel” could not be higher. Because if the gospel is merely good news for our souls, then the Great Commission to “save souls” is the singular mission of our lives—and most of us are wasting most of our time. Thankfully, this is not the gospel Jesus preached. Your group will leave this talk transformed by a deep conviction that 100% of their time matters for eternity—not just the 1% of the time they spend "sharing the gospel."



Here’s a sample of some of the conferences, churches, corporations, and universities who have entrusted their audience to me.

What to Expect

I don't view myself as just a speaker, but a partner that is fully invested in the success of your event.

You are getting much more than a speaker when you book me to speak to your group. You are getting a team committed to doing everything we can to help make your event a massive success. Here’s what you can expect from us if you invite me to speak at your event:

  • Pre-event call with me and my team to discuss your event, your audience, and your goals to ensure my keynote is customized to your needs
  • Promoting your event to my audience in your area (if your event is open to the public)
  • Delivery of a high-energy, gospel-centric speech that your attendees will not forget
  • A commitment to stick around before and after my speech to engage with attendees
  • A guarantee that I will be the lowest maintenance speaker you've ever worked with

Check My Availability

I only do 20 speeches a year and my calendar is almost full for 2024. Check my availability today—even if you don’t have a hard date for your event—and my team will get back to you ASAP!


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