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100% of your time matters for eternity—not just the 1% you spend “sharing the gospel.”

Find out how in The Sacredness of Secular Work!

When I tell someone that their job as an entrepreneur, teacher, or barista “matters for eternity,” the most typical response is, “Amen! My job is my mission field.”

That is, of course, gloriously true. But if the only way your work matters for eternity is because you can use your job to “share the gospel,” then most of us are wasting most of our time.

Think about it. How much time have you spent explicitly witnessing to a co-worker in the past month? 15 minutes? An hour? Let’s be absurdly generous and say you’ve spent three hours sharing the gospel in the last 30 days. That means that only about 1% of your time matters for eternity.

I don’t know about you, but I find that deeply depressing. More importantly, it’s deeply unbiblical.

My friend, I desperately want you to see how every moment of your life can matter for eternity. I want you to see how every Zoom meeting you lead, every Uber you drive, every story you write, and every diaper you change is, in the words of the Apostle Paul, “not in vain” (see 1 Corinthians 15:58).

That’s why I wrote my new book—to help you see how 100% of your time can matter for eternity!

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"The Sacredness of Secular Work does an extraordinary job being both personally relevant and, more importantly, biblically faithful. It’s not that often I read a book that deals with heaven, the new earth, and eternal rewards when I feel like the author really ‘gets it.’ Jordan Raynor has done his homework and really gets it. I think the smile of God is on this book, and I’m happy to recommend it."

Randy Alcorn
New York Times bestselling author of Heaven

What you'll take away from the book

Readers consistently report walking away from The Sacredness of Secular Work with these 3 things. I’m confident you will too!


Freedom to embrace your work as just as sacred as that of your pastor or the missionary on your refrigerator. Freedom from the pressure of doing something “more eternally significant” in your career. You’ll walk away from this book with confidence to lean into nearly any vocation for the glory of God and the good of others! 

A reader named Julie said, This book has set me free to enjoy what I do without feeling like it’s throwaway from an eternal perspective!


You understand how the 1% of the time you spend “sharing the gospel” with those you work with matters to God. But what about the other 99%? You’ll finish this book with a deep and unshakeable conviction that 100% of your time matters to God—both now and for eternity. 

A reader named Ian said, “This book really has made me come alive both professionally and personally.” Lisa concurred saying, “The Sacredness of Secular Work makes me want to leap out of bed in the morning!”


The Sacredness of Secular Work is not just informative. It will be transformative if you complete any of the 20+ optional practices in the free workbook that accompanies the book. I’ve designed these exercises to help you apply what you’re learning so that you can maximize the eternal impact of your work!

A reader named Jeff said, “This is a theology book without being dry like most theology books. It is super practical. This is one of the most important books I have ever read.”

"The Sacredness of Secular Work is as prophetic as it is practical, re-enchanting us to see the work of our hands as worship and of eternal worth. This book is for the poet, the pastor, the pharmacist, and the plumber. With wit and wisdom, Raynor will revolutionize the ways in which you see your place in the world. I dare you to let this book rekindle passion, delighting you to see and believe that your labor in the Lord is not in vain."

Rachel Marie Kang
Poet and author of Let There Be Art

10 🤯 🤯 🤯 things you’ll learn in the book

Here’s a sample of just a few of the life-changing things you’ll learn in The Sacredness of Secular Work

Greg has read all my books and is a loyal subscriber to my devotionals. So when he picked up a copy of The Sacredness of Secular Work he was pleasantly surprised to discover that, in his own words, “this book touches on some things that no one is talking about.” Including, up until now, me!

Here are just a few of the things I’m sharing for the first time in this book:

  1. How the shockingly short history of the man-made term “Great Commission” helps you see how your work matters even when you’re not “sharing the gospel”
  2. How every moment you spend at work has the potential to contribute to God’s eternal pleasure
  3. Why the pervasive “abridged gospel” and “half truths about heaven” are the chief culprits blocking you from seeing how 100% of your time at work matters to God
  4. Why an Anti-Bucket List is the most logical response to Jesus’s concrete promise of eternal rewards on the New Earth
  5. How the End Times industry’s "everything's gonna burn" theology inadvertently accuses Jesus of being a loser rather than Lord and blocks you from seeing the sacredness of your seemingly “secular” work
  6. How God’s own work frees us to do work that is playful, fun, and beautiful, but not necessarily “useful”
  7. How to scratch-off the 15 marks of the kingdom of God through any job
  8. How to judge your work before God does by asking 10 questions Scripture implies that God will ask to determine your eternal rewards
  9. The cold hard evidence that pastors and “full-time missionaries” are much less likely to “make disciples” than mere Christians who work in “secular” jobs
  10. Seven ways to effectively make disciples in our post-Christian culture without leaving tracts in the break room
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"This book is theologically rich and terrifically practical. If you’ve ever felt like a second-class Christian because you’re not a pastor or ‘full-time missionary,’ this book is about to change your life."

Mark Batterson
New York Times bestselling author of The Circle Maker

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The reviews are in!

Here’s what readers are saying about The Sacredness of Secular Work

This book really has made me come alive both professionally and personally.” — Ian

The Sacredness of Secular Work touches on some things that no one is talking about…such a rich and reliable resource.” — Greg

“In this book, Jordan speaks to a challenge that I had for most of my career - the feeling that since I was not doing ‘mission work’ as is typically defined by church folks, my work didn't really matter except for (1) the money given to church and missionaries and (2) when I spoke to someone directly about Jesus. This book refutes that and convinces you that your work itself matters to God. So for that reason, this book has needed to exist for a long time. What I appreciated most about the book, however, are the actions that I can take to be more intentional about working with and for the Lord in my work.” — Blake

“This book makes me want to leap out of bed every morning! My favorite book of Jordan’s so far!!! Soooo helpful and practical. This is a re-read, refer to, and recommend book. A juggernaut itself! Thank you for writing this book, Jordan! — Lisa

“I am an artist and often have felt that I loved art too much and wondered if it was a gift from the Lord or a distraction. Praise God! It's my work from Him. I feel set free from wrong thinking!! This is incredible! I used to be told that loving anything on this earth (including my work) was fleshly. It caused a great deal of guilt and confusion. I can look back now and see purpose and value in all my work.” — Elizabeth

“This book should automatically be moved to the top of your must-read list. Jordan makes the most compelling case for why our work matters for eternity. Drawing on the best thinkers on the subject over the years and delving deep into what Scripture has to say, it will give you every reason to do your work with excellence and bring others along with you. I know this book will spark a movement. I didn’t want it to end.” — Jake

“This is a theology book without being dry like most theology books. It is super practical. I'm already thinking of people I plan to give this book to. These concepts will (thankfully) stand some of them on their ears as many years of traditional church teaching are (hopefully, and by God's grace) dismantled. This is one of the most important books you will ever read.” — Jeff

YES! I've never had more hope when thinking of death as I have since reading these truths!” — Jenn

“Wow, this has got to be the most chock-full book I've ever read - EPIC! Yet still an ‘easy’ read. There were several passages that I can only describe as opening up my brain! This book is like receiving knowledge upon knowledge, insight upon insight. The most consistent phrases scribbled in my margins are ‘mind blown,’ ‘wrapping my head around this,’ and ‘strong.’” — Coco

"So, you're telling me that the Great Commission has only been "The Great Commission" for four hundred years? Wow. That is huge to have such a totally different perspective on what has made me feel inadequate in my faith for so long. I am LOVING this book!" — Gwen

"The Great Commission is no less important than it always was, but reading this book was like turning on the house lights after there had only ever been a spotlight. Suddenly you see the other things on the stage and realize how much of the beautiful, colorful, interactive scene you were missing!" — Anita

“The perspective change to the Unabridged Gospel was a seismic shift for me. This book gave me permission to see the Bible in a new perspective that speaks to my everyday work. — Mattie

“Jordan has a gift for 'putting the cookies on the bottom shelf.' And this book is more than cookies ... it's a full-blown multi-course meal, served with excellence and panache!” — Daniel

I’ll be handing this book out like candy.” — Robert

“This is the best, most theologically sound, most engaging, and most accessible summary of heaven and the New Earth I have ever read. Groundbreaking. This book will be a wake up call to the Church and to Christians everywhere. A true game changer! I've already made a list of colleagues, friends, and clients that I'm buying the book for. Can't wait to get this in their hands with a personal note. Thank you for this incredibly important and well written book. God is smiling!” — Mark

“I found myself nodding vigorously as I read!” — Jennifer

“I went to a missions conference that taught you should be going on missions or sending others on missions (e.g. making lots of money). That left me with tons of guilt when I was doing neither and my work felt like vanity. But this book has had the greatest impact on me. It has set me free to enjoy what I do without feeling like it’s throwaway from an eternal perspective.” — Julie

It changed my perspective on almost everything!” — Benay

Pick-up The Sacredness of Secular Work before February 3 and you could win an epic trip for two to France to rehearse for eternity in a castle, vineyard, cathedral, and more!

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